Fixit Auto



Fixit Auto

We provide our services to the public as well as business owners in the transport sector

  • We provide less down time
  • Top quality repairs
  • Same day services
  • Effortless Booking Systems
  • Accreditation from Leasing, Insurance, and Equipment Manufacturer companies

Our services are unique due to our qualitative efforts behind every repair. We don’t only focus on repairing the symptoms of the problem, we go the extra mile to ensure the origin of the cause-of-failure is attended to, saving our clients’ money. We do not only work on passenger cars, but also light commercial and trucks!

Towing Services

Our towing services will be carried out by means of a roll back. The roll back carry passenger vehicles and Light Delivery Vehicles (Bakkies), Towing service available for 24hours.
  • Long distance towing available
  • Roadside assistance also available for 24hours
  • In the event of a minor failure, the vehicle will be fixed on Road
  • In the event of a major failure, the vehicle will be towed to the workshop for proper diagnosing
  • Offered in a 50km radius from our workshop